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Tribe Chief: John Dunning



To all Comanche owners in the Northeast Region


In this mailing:

Hello from the ICS NE Tribe


NE Tribe activities


Upcoming ICS conventions


We want to keep you informed and hear from you!



Hello, and greetings from the International Comanche Society.  I'm John Dunning, the Tribe Chief of the ICS Northeast Tribe.  Many of you are already members of ICS; for those who are not, let me introduce us briefly. 

ICS is an organization devoted to the maintenance and operation of our fine birds. We can help put you in touch with parts suppliers, Comanche-qualified instructors, and help with technical information. We want to help make your Comanche owning and operating experience cost-effective, safe, and fun.  ICS also hosts flyins and other excuses to get together.  If you're not a member, we urge you to consider joining us, we're sure it will be worth your while. To sign up, you can visit our web site at Please contact us and let us know what activities you're interested in, or the story of you and your Comanche, whatever you think we should hear about.


NE Tribe activities

We've had a number of good fly-ins and meetings in the last several months, including the Larry Larkin technical seminar, ice cream and food at Jaffrey NH, and a fun overnight at Tangier Island Virginia. We've elected new Tribe leadership, and are busy trying to reinvigorate the Northeast region. Our goal is to have an active, fun, and interesting tribe.

In upcoming activities, we're working on putting together something in August or early September, possibly at Old Rhinebeck.  For October, we're looking at either Martha's Vineyard or Block Island.  If you have preferences or other suggestions for fly-in locations, please let us know.  Assistant Tribe Chief Bill Harris has been handling coordination for fly-in activities; you can contact him at (800) 322-2630 or  Also, if anybody would like to help organize or host any of these fly-ins, please speak up, we're always looking for volunteers.


ICS conventions

The ICS 2003 Convention is scheduled for September in Tampa, hosted by the Southeast Tribe. I urge you to let me know what issues that affect ICS are on your mind, so that I can represent your views to the national organization. I also suggest that if you can make it, you should come on down and meet us there. It's your chance to be heard, come tell us what matters to you!

Closer to home, our Northeast Tribe is going to be hosting the 2005 convention, and there's a lot to be done.  We need to start by choosing a convention site. The current candidates we've been discussing are


Atlantic City

Ocean City NJ

Niagara Falls

Newport RI

Atlantic City

Ocean City NJ

Niagara Falls

Newport RI

As with the fly-ins, we'd like to hear preferences, or suggestions for alternative sites.  We also need all the help we can get doing the organizing, if you have experience putting on this kind of event, or if you just want to help out, please let us know.


We want to keep you informed, and hear from you!

We are trying to keep our membership informed of tribe and ICS happenings as much as we can, hence this mailing. Due to cost and time concerns, we probably won't do these mailings very frequently. To receive monthly newsletters by e-mail, contact me, and I'll add you to the Northeast Tribe mailing list.  For reasons of cost and timeliness, we try to do as much communication as we can via email and the web. We do publish announcements of activities and news in the Comanche Flyer, but sometimes there isn't enough lead time, so we rely on email for a lot. To sign up, please send me mail or give me a call.

 I hope to see you all in Tampa or at other ICS fly-ins.  Keep 'em flying!

John Dunning     Tribe Chief, ICS Northeast

570 Great Road     (978) 897-5626

Stow Ma, 01775

If you'd like more information, have suggestions for flyins, preferences for convention sites, or anything else, please fill in and send this page back to me, or give me a call.

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