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International Comanche Society

Executive Committee Meeting

Reno, Nevada

September 8, 2002


ICS President Bob Noble called the Executive Committee Meeting to order at 7:45 PM on Sunday, September 8, 2002, in Reno, Nevada. The roll was called by Jim Schock, and a quorum was declared present.



Bob Noble  ICS President

Larry Rackley  ICS Vice President

Jim Schock ICS Secretary

Jim Martin ICS Treasurer

Skip Dykema  Executive Committee Member at Large and Southeast Tribe Chief

Bob ?  Guest


Bob Noble discussed the large number of Emails that have been circulated throughout the Society in recent months containing rumors, innuendos, and personal attacks on various members and officers of the Society. Many of these Emails were initiated and / or were propagated by Roger Smith and Skip Dykema. The comments and accusations are having a major negative impact on the ICS, and they need to be stopped for the long term benefit of the Society. A significant amount of discussion followed.

Larry Rackley read Article X Section 4 of the ICS Bylaws concerning the election of ICS Tribe Chiefs. Under Section 4, no Tribe Chief shall serve more than two consecutive years as a Tribe Chief unless an extension of time is approved by the Executive Committee.

In view of the fact that Roger Smith has already served as Tribe Chief in the Northwest Tribe for at least two years, and given the large number of damaging Emails that he has been generating, Larry asked for discussion as to whether the Executive Committee should approved his continuation as Tribe Chief.

Jim Martin moved that the Executive Committee not approve the continuation of Roger Smith as the Tribe Chief of the Northwest Tribe. Jim Schock seconded the motion. The motion passed 4 to 1. The Northwest Tribe will be requested to identify a new Tribe Chief for next year.

The Executive Committee Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.


Jim Schock

ICS Secretary


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