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Avionics For Sale by John Dunning            Listed November 2002

All the listed avionics were in good working order when removed, except as noted. All prices are negotiable, I set prices based on looking a little on ebay and other used avionics places, but if you think something's too expensive, make me a counter-offer!

1.)Unit: Northstar M3/Approach GPS S/N AL11527
Price: $1250
Condition: Good working condition
Notes: Includes mounting rack, all manuals, antenna, two datacards, power adapter and training software, and the Jepp adapter for programming, using their Skybound software. If and IFR installation is desired, I have the required annunciators for $100

2.)Unit: Narco Mk12D/GS S/N 70022
Price: $500
Condition: Recently overhauled, works perfectly
Notes: Includes mounting rack


3.)Unit: Narco Mk12D/GS S/N 70030
Price: $500
Condition: Good working condition
Notes: Includes mounting rack

4.)Unit: Narco VOA9 indicator w/ GS S/N 22BL7
Price: Make offer
Condition: INOP, may be repairable. It actually does work, but doesn't deflect as much as it should, giving misleading readings

5.)Unit: Narco DME195 S/N 10737
Price: $300
Conditon:  Good working condition
Notes: Includes mounting rack, connectors if desired

6.)Unit: Narco CLC60
Price: Make offer
Conditon:  This unit works, but all the avionics techs I've talked to told me that it's an antique
Notes: Includes mounting rack, indicator head, and connectors if desired.

7.)Unit: Northern Avionics RS008-001 switch
Price: Make offer
Condition: Good working condition
Notes: This is the unit which handles automatically switching between an IFR GPS and a Nav. Available with connectors.

If interested in any of these pieces, please send mail to and make me an offer.




Items for sale by Karl Hipp                            Listed October 2002

Contact Karl at

  • Insight Strikefinder (complete) $3600.00
  • MPI Engine Analyzer - Up to 6 cylinders plus turbine inlet temp and integral fuel flow/totalizer $950.00
  • King KMA20 Audio Panel (complete)  $275.00
  • Sigtronics Intercom  $50.00
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